Fırça is a family company founded as a small ceramic workshop in Nevşehir Avanos district in 1759, growing by improving the 7000-year-old Anatolian art from past to present; continuing its growth.

Our company is the only family corporation leading the continuation of the Anatolian civilizations’ productions and selling self-manufactured productions.

Along with Hittite productions of terra cotta, quartz Seljuk productions, quartz İznik-Ottoman productions; Fırça continues to contribute within the Turkish culture and art with modern and unique productions.

As a result of the R & D works we conducted for Handicrafts, we are proud to have fulfilled the lead-free manufacturing with the best quality.

We present this rightful honor to all art-lovers. We have opened a new door into the ceramics world with handmade products with health certificate which can be used in daily life as well as decors.

Fırça family presents the artworks which it manufactures in the production and showroom halls in Cappadocia-Kütahya-İzmir Efes-İznik and İstanbul to the art-lovers’ tastes and continues to deliver without sacrificing quality

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