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Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu started hair transplantation in 1997 in Istanbul, for almost 6 years he used FUT technique for hairtransplantation. He started doing first FUE procedures in 2003 and shared his experience with many of his colleagues by setting up the first FUE workshop in Turkey. In 2004 he focused on doing FUE procedures, he especially gave prominence to manual FUE operations. By starting motorized FUE applications in 2007 he brought many innovations into this field in our country and he succeded in using this technology for his surgeries.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey: Beyond dispute Turkey is the most important and number one destination for hair transplant which is the most essential aesthetical procedure in recent years; undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is now virtually an indispensable trend in most Middle East countries.And today many Europeans also go along with this trend, as a matter of fact the number of those people coming from USA or Canada to undergo a hair transplant procedure in Turkey has considerably increased in the past 1 year.Is undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey a right choice or are you going to be faced with cheap but poor results? Before answering that question, we should first have a look at how it is done in various countries around the world because there are unfortunately several unlicensed or unauthorized clinics operating as hair transplant clinics in Turkey which perform hair transplant procedures at very cheap prices. First of all hair transplant is a surgical operation which is governed by laws in Turkey just like in any part of the world and it is performed by a physician in person just like in any other surgical operation. 

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